We work with various sub-themes:

Rethink Economy:

Here we will dive into the economic and financial system that plays a central role in most aspects of our daily lives. We provide a check-out service to the system and the people who create and use it. The goal is not to blame for example, the financial crisis or to point fingers; but to create a dialogue and enhance each other’s insight – and level of understanding. In this way, we create the foundation for us to look ahead to the future economic system and the way we can use it.


Rethink Relations:

This theme focuses on how we interact as human beings. We look at the polarization mechanisms that are in place already, for example in politics, the media and our close relationship to each other. We work with rituals – both by presenting new research and by developing and holding specific rituals during the festival. We also examine the relationship between the Internet, identity and relationship patterns in the light of the fast technological change, and the opportunities and challenges that come with them. We then challenge the concept of identity in different ways.


Rethink Sensing/Perception:

The theme reflects the diverse artistic program at the festival and the workshops, which work with the body and mind. In addition, we include researchers, which, through the presentation of their research, can kick-start the debate and dialogue on the topic “Sensing/Perception”.